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Since 1998, I've indulged my love of animals as a pet sitter with Pampered Paws, caring for cats, dogs and several unique and exotic pets along the way.  Each one is special and memorable in their own way. An important part of the job is caring for their physical needs, but the real joy is getting to know the individual personality that makes each pet so special.  Winning their trust and affection is an even bigger bonus. I look forward to meeting each new special pet needing care and companionship while the owner is away.

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My name is Will. I have been a cat and dog owner for over 30 years. Bailey, our Yellow Lab, at almost 10, is not so interested in brisk walks. I enjoy exercise and interacting with other pets.


I am a lifelong pet owner and lover. I have volunteered with Can Do Canines and the Humane Society in a variety of roles. As a Pampered Paws pet sitter it is my desire to give you the peace of mind that your pets daily care needs are being met and they are getting unconditional love and companionship while you are away.



I am a retiree who is working part-time with Pampered Paws and a bird related business. I have had dogs and parakeets all of my life since I was a very young child. We have also had three cats with us for many years. I love animals and always happy to help with the care of these precious family members.


I have been an animal lover since childhood, when I would bring home all of the strays in my neighborhood to my mother's dismay. She would see me coming with a new animal and yell: "It's not coming in this house! Take it back!" I've never had trouble relating to animals of all kinds. If you treat them well with love and respect, they respond in kind. If only people could learn that lesson!



I am a recently retired (2016) sales manager.  I moved to MN from PA in 2010 with my job.  I love this area!  We have always had a dog in our family.  I enjoy seeing the pleasure they get while on their walks.


I've loved animals since I was 5, when I begged my mom for a kitten (or 20) and wore out my veterinarian play set. I've had pets my entire life, from three King Charles Cavaliers to a litter of mice (Mom wasn't so happy about that one). It is such a pleasure working with Pampered Paws and all the wonderful pets I've met!




Throughout life I've had animals in my life. As a child I had a golden lab and a chesapeake bay retriever. We adopted a huskie when I was a teen. I’ve also had several cats. At this point in life I have a labradoodle named Edward. I understand how important pets become in people’s lives.






I have always had a passion for dogs and love making new doggie friends.  Working for Pampered Paws gives me the excuse to do something I love everyday!  Push your worries aside, your furry friend is in good hands.