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Since 1998, I've indulged my love of animals as a pet sitter with Pampered Paws, caring for cats, dogs and several unique and exotic pets along the way.  Each one is special and memorable in their own way. An important part of the job is caring for their physical needs, but the real joy is getting to know the individual personality that makes each pet so special.  Winning their trust and affection is an even bigger bonus. I look forward to meeting each new special pet needing care and companionship while the owner is away.



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Working for Pampered Paws combines two things I LOVE, being with dogs and walking!  I have been with Pampered Paws since mid 2012.  I have developed a wonderful bond with the dogs  I walk, and I treat them just like my own Golden Retriever, Obie.  We have had Golden Retrievers in our home for the last 20 years.


My goal is to give you the peace of mind that your furry family member is being spoiled and loved while under our care!  I’ve always enjoyed spending time with and learning about animals, especially cats and dogs.  I am excited and thankful that I am able to do what I love on a daily basis.  When I’m not on “pet duty”, I am either volunteering for the animal shelter or spending time with my husband and our 4 four-legged children, who so graciously allow us to live with them.  



I am pleased to join my wife Barb as part of Pampered Paws dog walking team. We share a love of dogs, exercise and spending time outdoors.  As our children went off to college, we replaced the void with the love of golden retrievers. We carry this affection for dogs with us as we visit our Pampered Paws clients. 

Hello, I'm Jeanne and I live in Chanhassen with my husband, two children and four pets. I never thought I'd have this many animals, but it's all good! I'm a huge animal lover and have been since I was a kid. I've dealt with all ages and sizes of dogs. I've also volunteered at the Animal Humane Society as a Cat Adoption Volunteer since 2011.  It's so rewarding to assist someone looking for just the right cat and then seeing that cat going to it's new home. I realize how much your pet misses you when you are away. Be assured I give out plenty of love, attention and reassurance when I visit at your home. 

I have been a lover of animals for my whole life. This makes working for Pampered Paws a perfect fit, and I am excited to be a part of this team.  A pet owner myself, I understand how important it is to know that your pet is being taken care of and receiving love and attention while you are away. I look forward to getting to know your pets and giving them the care they deserve!




I have been a resident of Eden Prairie since 1996. I have been a client of Pampered Paws for several years. After retirement settled in, and I no longer was involved with Hennepin County as a child protection advocate, I thought it would be fun to care for "furry kids”. I started working for Monica as a care provider with Pampered Paws in 2015.


I believe our pets deserve the best we can give them! They depend on us for everything, and when we cannot be there we want assurances they are protected and well cared for in our absence. I always do my best to provide that care and give pet owners the same peace of mind I feel when Pampered Paws cares for my pets in my absence.


I've loved animals since I was 5, when I begged my mom for a kitten (or 20) and wore out my veterinarian play set. I've had pets my entire life, from three King Charles Cavaliers to a litter of mice (Mom wasn't so happy about that one). It is such a pleasure working with Pampered Paws and all the wonderful pets I've met!




I've always been an animal lover. We’ve had cats and a dog in my home since I was a small child. I understand how important your pet is to you. I will treat your pet as I would my own giving plenty of love and attention during each visit.




Throughout life I've had animals in my life. As a child I had a golden lab and a chesapeake bay retriever. We adopted a huskie when I was a teen. I’ve also had several cats. At this point in life I have a labradoodle named Edward. I understand how important pets become in people’s lives.






Hello, my name is Stacy. I have been a life long pet owner. I have such a strong love for both dogs and cats. I have two dogs, Easton and Rose, and one cat, Jazzy. I understand how important your pet is and there is nothing I look forward to more when coming home from vacation and seeing wagging tails. I promise I will give your pets the love and kindness they deserve. I love working for Pampered Paws!