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I've worked for Pampered Paws since 2008.  I've had pets my entire life and currently have two cats "Tigger Z" and "Schmoozer".  For over 15 years, I volunteered at a shelter in the adoption and rehabilitation areas. I've acquired experience in administering insulin for diabetic pets and can hydrate a pet. Your dog or cat is the lifeblood of a home and are usually treated like children. It is important to know that I am trustworthy and reliable but also bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.  I'm doing what I love and I feel that my work illustrates this.


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Hello, my name is Gena, and I have loved animals and nature my whole life. Pampered Paws is the first job that I have had that has an integration of both of these subjects, so I love working for this company! I grew up with an English Cocker Spaniel named Riley, and although I love all animals, I especially love the joy I find in dogs.